A Visual History of Riseley, Berkshire

Images from the early 1900s to 2022. Click on any photo to see a higher quality version.

The Bull Public House

The Bull Public House, early 1900s

The Bull Public House in 2022

The Bear Inn

The view looking north towards Reading as the Odiham Road meets the Basingstoke Road. In the far left you can see The Bull, while on the right is the Bear Inn. The year is currently unknown.

In this photo, The Bear Inn is now M Woods' Coal Merchant

The same view in 2022. You can just about make out the Bull on the far left.

Bull Lane

The view looking along Bull Lane in the early 1900s. The Bull Pub would be behind the tree on the right.

The same view in 2022. If you look closely at the cottage on the left, you can see the same window (left, middle)

Branchet's Store & Dog and Partridge

Looking north along the Basingstoke Road with the Dog and Partridge on the right, and The Sun Inn on the far left. Dated 1940s.

Here you can more clearly make out The Sun Inn and Wayside Stores

Wayside Stores would later become an ice cream shop.

Which eventually became houses. This photo is from 2001.

The Sun Inn

The Sun Inn again, in the early 1900s.

The Sun Inn is now a private dwelling named Old Sun House. This photograph was taken in 1996.

Maythorne Stores

Maythorne Stores in the 1930s.

Maythorne Stores in 2000. Photographed: Pete Cordery, whom the bench opposite The Bull, next to the phone box is in memory of.

The store was converted into two houses. You can still make out the original brickwork and inscribing that says “Maythorne Villa 1885”. This photo from 2022.

In this photograph from the 1950s, Maythorne Stores can be seen on the left. You can also see Copse House prior to its extension (centre).

The same view in 1990.

Next to Copse House was a beautiful cottage named Petroli. This photo from 1987 shows it in a state of disrepair. It was later replaced with two houses.

Odiham Road

Looking south as the Odiham Road (left) joins the Basingstoke Road (right). In the centre you can see top of Part Lane. Year unknown.

Tudor Post House

In the 1930s.

In the 1930s.

In the 1930s.

Into the 1940s. Notice on the singage that the word 'Riseley' has been covered up. Presumably this was to avoid helping any German bombers or a potential invading force with navigation.

Another one from the 1940s.

In 2022, with a freshly thatched roof.

Riseley Garage

On the site of what eventually became Riseley Business Park and is now residential flats. Year unknown.

You can see the garage again on the left.

It would later become "Reading Chair & Desk". This photo was taken after it closed in 2001.

Today the site houses a mixture of commercial and residential properties.

Bullock Shop (Riseley Stores)

Riseley Stores in 1915.

in the 1990s

In 2000.

In 2022. Notice the sign that reads 'Old Riseley Stores'.

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